Kids Party Themes with Designed Parties

Kids parties are our first party experiences in life and how wonderfully remembered they are: handing out invitations at school, ticking the ‘I will be coming’ box on the reply slip, patting balloons about with shrieks, the anticipation in pass the parcel and musical chairs, hmmmm cake, taking home a party bag- Just non stop greatness!

byBaron recently launched Designed Parties, our online party shop, and now you can buy all that you need to make your ‘Kids Parties’ look great including personalised invitations, personalised party bags, decorations, party games and much more. So to coincide with the launch of Designed Parties I am going to share some kids party theme suggestions with all items easily found at

1, Under Construction
Always a favourite with the boys and their fascination for machinery and tools, but why not have it as a theme for a girls party too!
b5 b7 click here to shop ‘under construction’

2, Pink Princess
The ultimate girly fairytale theme with all that pink and sparkle!b4b6click here to shop ‘pink princess’

3, Racing
A theme that never grows old, and a theme  you will never grow too old for!
b3 b8 click here to shop ‘racing’

4, Unicorns

A magical theme with a legendary creature!

click here to shop ‘unicorns’

5, Superhero Girls

Girls have fighting powers too!


click here to shop ‘superhero girls’ 

6, Superhero Boys

A classic all time favourite!


click here to shop ‘superhero boys’

Thanks for looking!

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