byBaron is an advocate of good times, which we contribute to with Stationery and Accessories that have purpose and that looking amazing! 


byBaron looks to understand you and your occasion and what you want and distil that into your stationery and accessories- whether you’re planning a baby shower or a weddingl!

With our design and creativity we hope to bring extra magic to your special occasion!

We're here to make things easier for you: to help you make decisions; to ease the pressure of planning; and to complete your order with minimal worry.

The idea for byBaron stationery and accessories came from a string of requests made by friends and family to help creatively organise and accessorise their events to make each one truly special in its own unique way. With encouraging responses and growing demand it made sense to turn this into a business.

byBaron loves being an element in bringing people together for occasions of joy and celebration! We hope to be a part of yours!  

I am truly excited by everyone's celebrations. Each event and each individual bring something new every time.

I look forward to meeting more personalities, and having the opportunity to contribute to more special days. 

Thank you for your support.

Linda Coe - Founder