5 Easy To Organise Baby Shower Games

Babies are coming! We are entering the height of birthing for the year as statistics show that from mid September to beginning October the highest number of babies are born in England and Wales- something to do with people having a Merry Christmas perhaps?! So with more babies being born in the upcoming weeks and in following our American friends with the rising popularity of baby showers in the UK we thought it appropriate to start our blog with a helpful article on... Baby Shower Games!


Games are essential at baby showers, and as well as being super fun they are great for breaking the ice between guests. Whilst packaged Baby Shower games imported from our more advanced shower throwers in the US are available to buy here in the UK, the advantages of putting together our own games are that we can tailor them to our needs, and use more relevant UK terminology instead of 'diapers' and 'pacifiers'.

So here are our top 5 easy to organise baby shower games:

1, guess who?

b2This one doubles up as an interesting and likely amusing decoration as well as a game. Before the baby shower ask your guests to provide a baby/childhood photo of themselves, the more embarrassing the photo the better. Using laundry pegs (found at pound shops and supermarkets) label each one with a number from 1 onwards until you reach the total number of attendees. We suggest printing numbers onto some card to be cut out and glued onto the pegs. Use your numbered pegs to attach each guests photo along some ribbon or string and hang against the wall. During the party provide guests with some paper and ask them to write down who they guess each photo belongs to. Encourage them to get talking to each other and learning each others names for their guesses.

2, baby shopping essentials

bs3Visit a baby retail website like Mothercare and list 10 product items with their prices and calculate the total cost. Print this same item list for each guest but do not include the price. The object is for guests to guess the price of the items and to create their own total. The guess with the closest total wins!
You can download byBaron's FREE baby shopping essentials template here

3, baby memory game

bs1Some of you will feel the nostalgia with this next game which has been inspired by the 'conveyor belt game' from the Generation Game with Bruce Forsyth, so make sure you include a 'cuddly toy'. Using baby related images cut from magazines or printed from the Internet give them relevant descriptors like ‘blue bear bib’ or 'yellow blanket'. Divide guests into teams and divide images between teams. Each team takes their turn to be shown their images one at a time with descriptor. Then ensuring the images can no longer be seen give them 1 minute to write down as many images as they can remember. The team with the most remembered items wins!
You can download byBaron's FREE memory game images here

4, did somebody say baby?

Make a list of baby related words like 'rattle' or 'teething' and print them onto individual pieces of paper. Divide your guests into teams. Each team takes a turn to play. A nominated player from each team will pick a word from a hat/bag and have 1 minute to describe as many words to their team without using the word itself nor the word 'baby'. If any of the banned words are spoken by the describer, they must move on to a new word without a point. The team that guesses the most words wins!
You can download byBaron's FREE words sheet here

5, pin the dummy on the baby

bs2Ever played pin the tail on the donkey?! Yes- then this will seem ever so familiar. Draw a simple baby face onto a large piece of paper or use our image found on the link below and get an enlarged print out at your local printers. Also print and cut out dummy images and add double sided sticky tape on the back. Ask each guest to write their name on a dummy and take it in turns to be blindfolded, spun around and left to pin your dummy on the baby. The person who gets the dummy closest to babies mouth wins!
You can download byBaron's FREE pin the dummy images here

BONUS GAME - guess the baby stats

bs4This game didn’t make the top 5 due to not being able to conclude during the shower. However, it’s a nice baby shower extension to remind the new mummy of how much shower fun she had and to provide some further bemusement in looking at how accurate or inaccurate her guests had guessed. Ask guests to write down their baby statistic predictions such as baby's weight, baby's birthday, baby's eye colour etc and keep safe for when the verdict is out. 
You can download byBaron’s FREE template for statistic predictions here


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