12 NEW Reasons to Celebrate and Party!

Ain’t no party like a divorce party! ‘Cause a divorce party don’t stop!
In todays world with longer working hours, longer commutes, the battle of busier public spaces and being too connected to avoid hearing bad news in the world, letting our hair down at a party is a welcomed release. This has been supported by the growing number of celebratory parties where the spot light is no longer reserved for just birthdays, weddings and festive holidays but shared with new celebrations like pet parties, divorce parties or breast reduction parties. So we thought we’d encourage these growing trends and ensure you are not missing your moment by creating a list of new reasons to celebrate and party

1, Good riddance party
Life likes to throw subjects of distaste at us like an ongoing unreliable car, an impossible boss or a waste of space boyfriend/girlfriend, but it’s a heightened kind of satisfaction when we get that moment of being able to throw our middle finger up and say good riddance. That’s why we should savour the moment and release all that bad energy in the form of a paaarrrrty!


2, Divorce party
Divorce parties officially have a place in the wedding industry where they are referred to as the ‘final frontier’. They can be quite a formal and elaborate affair particularly when both parties take part and toast to new beginnings. They can also be more tongue in cheek putting a light hearted fun spin on an otherwise sad or bitter time.



3, Swap party
Clothing swap parties are growing in popularity but why limit ourselves to clothes when children’s toys, books or fashion accessories can be swapped too. So decide on a category, gather friends together with their unwanted items and get swapping!



4, Social media party
For those that are hard core social media users why not celebrate achieving milestone numbers of ‘followers ‘or ‘likes’. Cover your venue in photos and hashtag print outs taken from your social media account, decorate cup cakes with thumbs up icons, and make sure you have themed photo props for taking neccassary new photos that are ‘post’ worthy.

5, Charity party
Feeling fond towards a particular charity as they’ve played a special part in your life recently? Or just feeling charitable in a moment of reflection? Then throw a fundraising party! Auctions are super fun and entertaining. A raffle is a must too. Of course you will need to organise some prizes but ask around and people will likely be offering their services. Some simple prize ideas are: a one off car washing service; an hour of DIY; a tennis lesson; or a home made cake. An absolute worthwhile party and an inevitable surge of community spirit!

6, Baby showers
Baby showers are rapidly growing in popularity in the UK but are still a relatively new concept. We think they are a fabulous idea and why wait a whole year to celebrate new life when you can welcome it in too.


7, Pet party
Pets are no less of a family member so why should they miss out on having a birthday party. Stock up on pet treats, organise some ball games and invite their friends over.

8, Surgery parties
We’re not referring to the parties where procedures take place. We’re referring to people celebrating before having a surgical procedure. What better way to take the fear out of medical procedures than to surround yourself in fun.

9, Open bottle party
Are your cupboards holding collections of half opened bottles- a bit of vodka here and a bit of whiskey there? Get them all out, tell your guests to bring theirs and cheers to gaining more cupboard space!

10, Open THAT bottle party
So now that you’ve wiped the slate clean and cleared out your half open bottles, its time to finally open that expensive vintage bottle of wine or champagne that’s been saved for a special occasion. But rather than wait for that moment why not give it its own special occasion and tell your guests to bring their reserved special bottles too. What a fabulous evening of tasteful indulgence to be had!

11, Reveal parties
There are many different possible reveals: a baby gender reveal, a new self image reveal, a long lost friend or family member reveal, a big decision reveal. Invite your guests and build up the suspense. Depending on what kind of reveal it is, you could leave some hints in your choice of decorations and food. Try to be creative with how you make your BIG reveal – oooo idea alert –  a reveal thats made by performing a magic trick!

12, Olympics party

You don’t have to wait four years to have one of these parties as this concept can be used with all competitive events like FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon, X factor or The Eurovision Song Contest. You would need a good sized TV for a group to be able to watch but even the smallest rooms seem to have a large TV these days so Ive no doubt that most people can host this party. These parties offer great fancy dress opportunities and lots of themed decorations. Gather people together to watch the opening ceremonies or grand finales and afterwards show your great sportsmanship by putting conflicting team support aside to unite in dance.


Do you have any non traditional party celebration reasons we have not mentioned?- We’d love to hear any so please let us know in the comments box below

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